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The Notoweega Nation files Appeal - ICWA Featured

On March 7th 2014. The Notoweega Nation filed it’s Third Motion of Intervention in the Tri-State area. This is the first time in the state of Ohio. Discovery documents were requested on March 14th in the case of Abigail Johnson, a minor and member of the Notoweega Nation. Also filed was an OBJECTION to the defenses the MOTION CONTRA MOTION TO INTERVENE. The Grandmother Donna Allberry has been completely left out of the process by the Hocking County Juvenile Court Division. ON March 31st the matter was DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE by Judge Richard M. Wallar, and request for discovery was never answered, nor was there a court hearing involving the Plaintiffs. Today, March 9th, 2014. The Notoweega filed a 9 page Appeal seeking MOTIONS TO APPEAL AND REQUEST FOR STAY, MOTION TO COMPEL AND MOTION TO EXPEDITE INTRODUCTION, to the Ohio Supreme Court Fourth Appellate District APPEALS for Hocking County. All arguments have been made Parens Patrae as the Notoweega Nation is citing Inherent Sovereign Rights as a Non IRA, Pre-Constitution Tribal Government that is Self Governing. That lower courts have no jurisdictional powers and there for the minor should be remanded to The Tribal Government.

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